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Chapter 7 Common Washington Exemptions

Washington's exemption amounts are adjusted periodically. Call Bankruptcy Attorney David Kubat to discuss this most recent list.

  • Bank Deposits – up to $500
  • Building Materials
  • Cemeteries and Burial Property – if used exclusively for burial purposes, are 100% exempt
  • Fraternal Benefit Society Benefits
  • Homestead or Residential Property – up to $125,000 of their home
  • Insurance Benefits – insurance proceeds on:

    • exempt property
    • life insurance proceeds
    • disability insurance proceeds
    • group life insurance proceeds
    • annuities
  • Motor Vehicles – up to $3,250 in one motor vehicle for transportation or to maintain employment
  • A married couple may exempt two motor vehicles not to exceed $6,500
  • Partnership Property
  • Pension and Retirement Benefits – subject to claims under support orders
  • Personal Property
  • You may exempt the following personal property:

    • up to $3,500 in wearing apparel
    • up to $3,500 in private libraries
    • household goods, appliances, and furniture (not to exceed $6,500 per individual or $13,000 per married couple, with no single item to exceed $750)
    • child support
    • health aids
    • personal injury recovery and/or proceeds, not to exceed $20,000 per individual, and
    • loss of future earning recoveries (to the extent reasonably necessary for support).
  • Prisoner Property
  • Public Assistance – Certain public grants and assistance
  • Trade Implements – up to $10,000 in tools, instruments, and materials
  • Trust, Escrows and Deposit Accounts
  • Unemployment Compensation – 100% of all unemployment compensation, provided that such funds are not commingled with nonexempt funds
  • Wages
  • A debtor may exempt the following amount wages (except to enforce court awarded support orders):

    • 75% of his or her disposable earnings; or
    • 30 times the federal minimum hourly wage per week (whichever is greater).
  • Workers' Compensation
  • All workers compensation is 100% exempt

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