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Foreclosure can cause long-lasting damage to your life. In some cases, foreclosure results in the loss of a family home and the uprooting of a stable family life.

Are you having trouble paying your bills including your mortgage payment? Well, winning the lottery isn’t the answer. You are in real danger of losing your home to foreclosure and you should take action to protect yourself and your home.

Fortunately, there are remedies available to help prevent or avoid the stress and trauma when foreclosure appears inevitable. Foreclosure is one of the most common reasons for someone to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Foreclosure attorney David Kubat will help you keep your home and get debt relief. He uses the bankruptcy system to protect your rights and enable you to start over.

Washington primarily operates as a title theory state where the property title remains in trust until payment in full occurs for the underlying loan. Foreclosure is a nonjudicial remedy under this theory. The document that secures the title is usually called a deed of trust. Washington law also permits mortgages to serve as liens upon real property and for judicial foreclosures to occur through the courts. Because the power of sale provisions in deeds of trust is a faster mechanism to effectuate foreclosure, this is the primary vehicle to foreclose.

There are several ways to stop or delay an impending foreclosure:

  • A loan modification

    With a loan modification, you or someone you designate negotiates a reduction in the interest rate, the amount of the loan or both. Unfortunately, the process of seeking a loan modification consumes time and there is no guarantee of success. In the meantime, your financial situation may get worse.

  • Legally challenge the validity of the foreclosure

    As with a loan modification the process consumes time plus there is no guarantee that you can win your suit. A lawsuit would be based on an assertion that the mortgage is somehow invalid due to improperly drawn loan documents, foreclosure documents or other technical shortcomings.

  • File bankruptcy

    However, only with a Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing can you be assured that you can stop a foreclosure and keep your home.

Bankruptcy attorney David Kubat can protect your home and your rights, provide an objective review of your options and take action to protect your rights.

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The Law Office of David A. Kubat is a debt relief agency. Attorney Kubat helps people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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